Warren Dykeman (°1967, South Laguna, United States)
There’s a diverse range of subject matter in my work. Sometimes non-objective shapes, organic forms, design and architectural elements fill my paintings and drawings, but I see myself as a figurative painter. I am interested in the form and contour of the figure and reworking the line, pushing the bounds of what is shape and what is icon. I erase and add to the edges of the form as a designer would adjust a typeface or geometric object. I sometimes use the computer as a gathering place for many individual forms. Compositions come together and can be used as studies or directly projected onto the surface. I am informed by folk art, primitive art and all forms of graphic art, from information design to corporate identity systems. I want my work to contain an awkwardness that has a rhythm between shape, contrast, color and inaccuracy.

Warren Dykeman currently lives and works in Seattle WA, U.S.